Popular Home Exterior Colors

Your home’s curb appeal has a huge impact on its resale value. Get rid of that tired white and paint your home one of the hottest exterior colors of 2021! This year’s most popular home exterior colors range from a warm twist on traditional white to the total opposite: various blacks and dark grays. One of the most exciting exterior paint trends this year is using two main colors to cut through the monotony. Say goodbye to boring bright white and hello to warmth, contrast, and natural tones!

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2021 Custom Home Trends

Whether you are building a new home or revamping your existing one, customized touches, however large or small, can make a huge difference in your space’s atmosphere and appearance. Hiring a custom builder to make these adjustments carefully will help you love and embrace your home more than ever. These three custom touches, in particular, are sure to add a flavor of sophistication and attention to detail to your house.  Open Concept Floor Plans Open floor plans have been popular for many years, but they’re gaining even more momentum in 2021. Forget about thick walls and doors; this year’s open

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Choosing a General Contractor for Your Remodel

If you have decided to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or other room in the house, you will likely want to hire a general contractor. A general contractor will manage all of the subcontractors and other workers on the site. This one individual or company is responsible for coordinating your remodel so that it is done within budget and on time. The decision to use a general contractor is easy, but choosing the right one for your particular remodel might need a bit more consideration. You want to make sure that the general contractor you hire has the network and knowledge

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Simple Home Improvements with Your Stimulus Check

Improving your home for your own enjoyment as well as to increase home value is a great way to protect your real estate investment. You may think that any significant home improvements cost a lot more than you can afford, but in reality there are several things you can do to improve your rooms at a very low cost. With the stimulus money that everyone is receiving, you might want to spend some of that money on home improvements. Here are a few ideas. Crown Molding If your crown molding is deteriorating, now is a great time to have it

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Fireplace Mantels Done Right

A fireplace can be the center of your beautiful home. It is a place for families to gather or a place for you to cuddle with your significant other. The fireplace is often located in the room that you do the most entertaining, and it is the focal point for the room and your guests. It is important that your fireplace mantel makes a statement and beautifies your home. Installing New Fireplaces Installing a new fireplace, whether traditional wood burning or gas, can be a great investment for your home. But most fireplace installers build only the most basic mantels,

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3 Custom Touches for Your New Home

Whether you are building a new home or revamping your existing one, customized touches, however large or small, can make a huge difference in the atmosphere and appearance of your space. Hiring a custom builder to carefully make these adjustments will help you love and embrace your home more than ever before. These three custom touches in particular are sure to add a flavor of sophistication and attention to detail in your house. Chair Rails Chair rails are now decorative details used in kitchens and dining rooms, but they actually used to be functional additions that prevented the backs of

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How to Make Your Ceiling a Stunning Focal Point

There are many different ways to design a beautiful, customized home, from a sweeping staircase to sophisticated crown molding. But what about the ceiling? Most homeowners overlook this large, blank canvas during their home construction and renovation planning. Yet the ceiling of your home is one thing that is always there and usually bare. Rather than ignoring it, use one of the following techniques to make your ceiling one of the many memorable attributes of your home. Ceiling Medallions Medallions offer a unique and exciting flare for your ceiling. They work best in dining rooms, banquet halls, and on chandeliers

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The Best Solutions to Your Organization Problems

We all have a junk drawer. Even the neatest and most organized among us has that one drawer or closet that is designated as a free-for-all. But have you worried that all of the “stuff” you own might one day turn your entire home into a junk drawer? While some spring cleaning might help, the real solution is to invest in custom furniture that offers the organization you need to take control of your clutter. Custom Mudroom Shelving for Organization

Building the Master Bathroom of Your Dreams

Your master bathroom might not receive the foot traffic and social visitors of your kitchen, but it is still an important space in your home. Designing a custom master bathroom will help you enjoy a daily sense of peace, luxury, and seclusion. But where should you begin? These ideas will help you identify the type of bathroom that matches your tastes. Get Focused A master bathroom poses unique design challenges, because so much must coexist in a relatively small space. It’s important to narrow your focus by identifying your purpose and goals. Your options when designing a 12’ x 12’

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Your Home’s Front Door Isn’t the Only One You Should Update

Your home’s front door makes an important contribution to your property’s overall curb appeal, but it isn’t the only important door to consider. Interior doors also deserve to be built with distinction and exquisite detail. You may be surprised to see just how dramatically a few customized interior doors can transform the look and feel of your entire home. This is why Gloger Construction specializes in the installation of interior doors designed and built by skilled craftsmen who know your home deserves the best.