What Details Make a $5 Million Home Worth the Price Tag?

Beautiful, stunning houses come in all shapes and sizes. From the modest farmhouse to the trendy New York City apartment, homes and any value have the potential to be jaw-dropping. But what exactly is it about a house valued at $5 million that is so appealing? It’s not just the ocean views and outdoor kitchen equipped with top of the line appliances; it’s also the small touches and custom craftsmanship that set such an expensive home apart. The Staircase That Wows You It’s not likely that you will swing open the front door of a $5 million home and collide

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Three Must-Haves in Your Dream Home

We all have a dream home in mind, although the qualities and characteristics of that home will vary drastically depending on who you ask. For some, a dream home is a large plantation home with four wide decks overlooking a river, while for others it’s a rustic cabin high on a mountain. But nobody wants a dream house that’s falling apart, tainted with mold, or built with cheap materials. These three ideas can make a huge difference in the ultimate quality and appearance of your home. Mud Room

Home Renovation Mistakes

With more folks opting to renovate and improve their current home in lieu of selling and purchasing a new home, we see many of the same mistakes made over and over again. While some of these may seem like obvious errors, others are hidden mistakes that even seasoned construction professionals can fall victim to. Common Renovation Errors While it should go without saying that it is vital to use high-quality materials when giving your home the renovation treatment, many people make this mistake. While you may save a few bucks at the hardware store today, this decision will come back

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Remodeling a Tired Old Kitchen: Great Results for Less Money

Would you like to have a good looking kitchen? Are you growing tired of having a kitchen that looks tired, old and shabby every day? Well doesn’t it sound like it’s about time that you remodeled your kitchen into something that you can be proud of? You don’t need to shell out the same amount of money as celebrities to get a celebrity style kitchen. These days a lot new products and innovative designs have flooded the market and you can make your kitchen look all new without much of a strain on your purse. Perfect lighting in your Kitchen-

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The Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor

Instead of doing your house’s construction/renovation by yourself, choose the services of a general contractor. By doing so, you will be giving your place the touch of a professional who will most definitely do a better job when compared to your personal efforts. Here are all the more reasons why you should trust a general contractor for your house’s construction/renovation: Experience

Use This Checklist Before You Hire a Home Remodeling Service

It’s very easy to rush into any kind of third-party service market the moment a “need” enters your mind.  Like most American consumers, you’d like convenience.  You’d like to solve a problem the moment it appears.  If this is how you go about getting professional services for your home, you might be burning through a lot of dollars unnecessarily. To ensure that you get the most bang out of your buck as far as remodeling services are concerned, keep the following checklist in mind.  This checklist is by no means exhaustive.  You might want to add several items to it

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Four Signs You Might Need to Remodel Your Home

One of the biggest problems with looking for professional services in any kind of metropolitan market in the United States is to think that you need services when you’re not really ready for it.  You have to remember that just because your neighbors are getting their kitchens remodeled or having an addition built, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to jump on the bandwagon and spend hard-earned dollars getting the work done that you might not need.

What to Do With Your Fireplace During the Summer

A fireplace is a welcome addition to any room in the home. Besides adding much needed warmth during the winter, fireplaces bring a sense of style and elegance. Even though they are not in use while the weather is warm, there are still many things homeowners can do with their fireplaces. Clean the Fireplace After the winter months, the fireplace will be in need of a good cleaning.