Do You Know How to Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel?

If you’re lucky enough to have a gorgeous custom fireplace mantel in your home, you should take advantage of it as a focal point by decorating the mantel strategically. Whether it’s a traditional, ornate, large, small, modern, or antique design, there are many different ways to decorate your mantel to perfection. Use the existing inspiration in the room to determine the best design choice. Layer and Stagger Art For a timeless and classy look, mix and match framed and unframed art of various sizes along your mantel. If you want to hang any of the pictures, don’t go too high,

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Make the Most of Your Windows

You might buy a house, but it’s what you do inside that makes your house a home. Taking advantage of natural light is one of the most powerful ways to create a joyful and comfortable atmosphere in your home. What better way to enjoy your windows than to invest in custom-built window seats that not only add character to your home but also give you the perfect space for relaxation and reflection? Types of Window Seats

Tips for Eye-Catching Built-In Furniture

Built-in furniture has a way of totally transforming a home’s atmosphere. It’s sophisticated, attractive, and impressive, which makes built-in pieces the perfect investment for the new design of your favorite room. Of course, one of the most exciting parts about built-in furniture is that it can be constructed in any way imaginable. Talk to your contractor and see if any of these ideas could work in your home.

Three Stunning Custom-Built Project Ideas

You are a unique person with an unmatched personality, but does your home reflect that? It seems like homebuilders today are more concerned with their own profit margins than the true quality of the homes they build, leading to nearly identical homes squished together like sardines. You deserve to have a spark of originality in your home, which is why one of these custom-built project ideas would make the perfect addition to your kitchen, basement, garage, or office. Wine Shelf

Three Reasons to Choose Built-In Furniture

Built-in furniture has become something of a lost art in the last few years. When home builders make plans for new construction, they are usually only concerned with maximizing their profits. That means squeezing as many homes into a neighborhood as possible and only investing the most basic effort into the design and development of each. Unfortunately, that means that built-in furniture is rarely even considered, let alone implemented. The good news is that you can create your own built-in furniture to add a great deal of character and class to your home, regardless of what the original builders did.

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Your Home Needs Built-in Furniture: Here’s Why

Built-in furniture can change the entire appearance of a room and the entire atmosphere of a home. Most well-built, high end homes have built-in furniture because it lends any room a sense of seamless customization with a sophisticated look that other furniture, no matter how expensive, just can’t achieve. It’s exactly what it sounds like; furniture that is built into the space of the wall instead of free-standing against the wall. This maximizes space, adds storage, and brings a sense of refined style into your home. Imagine the possibilities for build-in bookshelves, fireplace mantels, hutches, media storage, armoires, bars, and

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Home Improvement Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

Your house is more than just the place you live – it is also an investment in your future. The key to making your home a valuable investment is to make improvements to it while you are living there. You can find infinite information about DIY projects online, but some projects will improve your home’s value more than others. Top DIY Projects to Increase Value When it comes to DIY projects around the house, your options are endless. The following projects are most likely to increase your home’s value: 1. Bathroom Makeover – Bathroom renovations can be very expensive, but

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The Advantages of Having Furniture Built Into Your Home

Whether you’ve just moved home or are thinking of renovating or updating your living space, it’s important to make the most of your property. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is by having your furniture tailor-made for your home. Of course, it’s likely that you’ve already got a lot of furniture, and that most of it is in good condition. However, if you’d like to start maximizing the potential of your living areas, you may want to consider selling certain pieces of furniture and using the funds to invest in bespoke items instead.

A Wine Cellar is Essential for Properly Storing Wine

Tasting, collecting, and enjoying wine varieties are among some of the most popular hobbies in the country. When partaking in these activities, it is important to understand a fundamental truth about wine: it is an organism that requires specific care. In order to preserve the taste and quality of most wines, they must be preserved properly, ideally in a wine cellar. A Cellar That Meets Your Unique Needs Although the term “wine cellar” generally conjures images of expansive rooms under mansions, they actually come in a variety of sizes and styles. You may be surprised to learn that a growing

More Space in Your Home: The Advantages of Built-in Furniture

The concept of built-in furniture has become quite popular. The built-ins are a very unique furniture type. You can look at them as the opposite of free-standing furniture. What are their advantages? What mainly set built-in furniture apart from the rest is that is allows you to create that envied smooth transition between spaces. It also enables you to create a coherent décor which makes your home feel more airy. It really expands a room’s possibilities. Moreover, the built-in furniture comes off looking like part of the very house itself. This allows it to blend in beautifully, for that overall

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