Top Things To Consider When Building a Custom Home

Built in furnitureWhether you are building a new home or revamping your existing one, customized touches make a huge difference in the atmosphere and appearance of your space. 

Hiring a custom builder to carefully make these adjustments will help you love and embrace your home more than ever before. Consider these techniques as you build your own custom home to add a flavor of sophistication and make your interior unforgettable. 

Ceiling Detail

Ceilings are often the last part of the house to receive attention, but adding ceiling details can truly transform a space. Use it for architectural details such as trays, medallions, panels, and domes. 

A tray ceiling, for example, is a rectangular, architectural feature either inverted or recessed to add visual interest and depth to an otherwise flat, uninteresting space. Whatever you choose, you can add richness to the look of your home with ceiling details.

Built-In Furniture

Built-in furniture makes a huge statement in any home. From a simple, built-in bookcase to a large floor-to-ceiling entertainment center, homes with built-in furniture have more value and offer the appearance of being sturdier and more attractive. 

Just about anything you want, even bunk beds, can be built in — bars, hutches, fireplace mantels, and so much more! Use this tool to give your home a truly unique feel. 

Chair Rails

Chair rails are made of crown molding placed about a third of the way up a wall to provide an aesthetically pleasing decoration and visually structure the room. You can select simple chair rails that simply span horizontally across the wall, or you can opt for more detailed designs that include squares of thinner molding underneath the main chair rail molding. 

If you are looking to transform the look and feel of a room without spending too much money, this is an excellent solution!

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