How to Make Your Ceiling a Focal Point

A normal ceiling is flat, white, and a little bit boring. If you find the right construction company, you can transform your standard ceiling into a gorgeous focal point. Certain architectural details in the ceiling can bring a room to life even more than colorful area rug or brand new furniture. Best of all, there are different options for every style, so whether you are rustic or urban at heart, your home can enjoy a boost of personality. Ceiling Medallions Ceiling medallions are a special kind of decorative molding installed in the center of a ceiling. They’re most popular in

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Interior Crown Molding

Crown molding refers to a large family of moldings that are designed to flare out gracefully to a finished edge, adding style, character and value to your home. It is used on windows, doors, and other areas in your home. It can run along a single wall, or cover all four walls, including corners. Choosing the Right Interior Crown Molding Choosing the right interior crown molding for your home is important for increasing the aesthetic. You want molding that will brighten your home, and making it a more comfortable place for you and your guests.

Exterior Crown Molding for Your Home

Exterior crown molding serves some essential functions for your home. Crown molding enhances your home’s appearance, giving it a more stylish and pleasing look. It protects your home from the elements, decreasing the amount of damage it receives and the need for future repair work. Finally, crown molding increases the value of your home. A house with external molding looks complete, making it more desirable to potential buyers. Types of Exterior Crown Molding A wide variety of external crown molding materials is available, including wood, fiberglass, polyurethane and several other varieties.

Are Millwork and Custom Cabinetry Worth the Try?

Can millwork be the piece to make your home, office or healthcare facility more inviting and personable? People that visit some offices or healthcare facilities say how the rooms feel cold or mention the uninviting feeling they get when visiting these places. Exceptional millwork can update that eerie feeling. Healthcare facilities should consider millwork for innovative designs that make the patients more comfortable.