Make the Most of Your Fireplace Mantel

fireplaceNothing creates an instantly cozy and warm atmosphere quite like a fireplace, especially during chilly winter weather. But the fireplace itself is only half of the ambiance. A fireplace mantel is also needed to give your home a warm, welcoming feel.

A fireplace mantel is a decorate frame around the fireplace and its surround, or filler panel.

The right home construction company can build you a gorgeous mantel, but first you must determine the taste and style you want your fireplace and mantel to convey. Are you a modern or antique style? Do you prefer wood, brick, tile, marble, or granite? Would you like a fireplace and mantel built in between a large system of bookshelves or an entertainment unit? Your mantel can work in any way you decide.

Choose the Mantel’s Purpose

If you want to display décor and family mementos on your mantel, choose a wide design rather than something sleek and sophisticated. However, if your mantel is serving more as a visual separator and you’re planning a large focal point above the mantel, like a huge canvas painting or family portrait, then a skinnier mantel will serve its purpose.

Select the Mantel’s Material

Brick, stone, rock, and wood are all classic choices used in various home styles. Beautifully stained and sealed wood with hand-rubbed finishes tends to be the mantel of choice in more rustic homes, while stone and rock are timeless and indestructible options used in most older homes and now often in new construction homes. Brick and tile supply a few other options; brick is traditional while tile is very versatile.

Determine the Mantel’s Size

Do you want your mantel immediately drawing the attention of guests and visitors, or would you rather it serve as nothing more than a subtle divider between the fire and the area above? Pick your priorities so that your mantel can appropriately match your needs.


A mantle isn’t meant to be ignored. A sleek and skinny mantle will speak for itself with eye-catching artwork hung above, but a wider mantel can be strategically decorated with pictures, candles, mementos, and other décor to lend your room a feeling of comfortable warmth.