Four Small Kitchen Changes that Make a Big Difference

14700575 - modern luxury kitchen with white led lightingCompletely renovating your kitchen isn’t exactly a cheap task, nor is it a quick one. Fortunately, there are many smaller changes you can make to your kitchen to improve your space on a reasonable budget and timeline. Experts recommend tackling 20 features of the room to maximize results without causing frustration and stress.

Add An Architectural Touch

If you’ve never given thought to the details of your kitchen, now is the time! Trim, baseboards, crown molding, and door and window casings can truly transform your space to look more sophisticated and impressive. You can hire a contractor to complete these tasks, and you’ll be astounded by the outcome.

Brighten Up with Lighting

Even if you can’t change any other single detail about your kitchen, adding new lighting will make the same space feel cheerful, brighter, and more pleasant to spend time in. Try swapping small, ceiling-mounted lights for energy-efficient fixtures that are larger, brighter, or both. More subtle lighting, like under cabinet lights, add a unique presence to your kitchen as well.

Renew Cabinet Fittings

It’s possible to update your cabinets without actually replacing them entirely. Though installing custom-made cabinets is the best option, you can moderately improve your functional needs by updating aftermarket items like spice trays, lazy susans, smooth drawer glides, pot and pan organizers, and more. Consider it luxury on the inside; you’ll appreciate it every time you open a drawer or door.

Better Backsplash

Nearly all luxury kitchens have a backsplash of some sort that extends from the counter to the wall cabinets. Backsplash can be composed of tile, wood, glass, or any other material that adds a bit of complimentary color and variety to the kitchen’s design. This is a favorite project for DIYers, but if you don’t feel completely confident that you can piece together your own backsplash, there is nothing wrong with hiring a professional to guarantee a smooth and beautiful installation.