How to Design Your Dream Closet

closets-1What does your bedroom closet look like? Are your shirts so crammed together that you can’t even see your options? Do your shoes lay on the floor in a big heap? What about your accessories; can you find your favorite belt or scarf without feeling like you’re pushing through the jungle? For such a small space, closets play a really important role in your home, and this means you deserve the transform that space into something that works for you. A custom built walk-in closet can totally change how you organize your valuable belongings.

Use Every Bit of Space

Your first goal when designing your dream closet is to utilize every square inch of space available. This means that shelves and cabinets should reach to the ceiling, and no bit of wall should be left without a purpose. There are many innovative storage designs available to help your storage spaces serve multiple purposes, especially if your closet is on the smaller side.

Find Shelving That Meets Your Needs

Shelving options for closets are nearly limitless. If you have a great deal of space and you are seeking a more sophisticated look, consider tall cabinets with glass doors that allow you to store all of your clothes and simultaneously keep them on display. If your space cannot accommodate large cabinets, opt for staggered shelves that have a place for long dresses, sweaters, shirts, pants, and anything else you might need to hang. Of course, there are also shelves for shoes, purses, hats, and other accessories to consider. A combination of storage options that includes boot rods, flat shelves, angled shelves, and pullout shoe shelving can help you store everything with a purpose.

Colors, Lights, Action

One of the most exciting parts about designing your dream closet is selecting the colors and lighting that will make the space feel comfortable for you. Bright colors are suggested to keep the smaller space feeling more open, and mirrors help to expand the feel of the room even more. Plus, a full length mirror is a great asset to have in your closet! Instead of a simple ceiling light, expand your options to consider LED lights across the tops of your shelves and cabinets. Gentle lights inside each drawer or sectional can help you find what you need, and specially lit display cases can keep your most precious possessions in the spotlight.

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