How to Design Your Dream Closet

What does your bedroom closet look like? Are your shirts so crammed together that you can’t even see your options? Do your shoes lay on the floor in a big heap? What about your accessories; can you find your favorite belt or scarf without feeling like you’re pushing through the jungle? For such a small space, closets play a really important role in your home, and this means you deserve the transform that space into something that works for you. A custom built walk-in closet can totally change how you organize your valuable belongings.

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Three Tips for Dressing Up Your Ceiling

There are many different ways to design a stunning, unforgettable home—open floorplan, generous lighting, built-in furniture, distinctive staircase, and decor, to name a few. But there is one part of the home that many people overlook when they are planning their dream house: the ceiling! The ceiling of your home is one thing that is always there and usually bare. Rather than ignoring it, use one of the following techniques to make your ceiling one of the many memorable attributes of your home.

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Make the Most of Your Windows

You might buy a house, but it’s what you do inside that makes your house a home. Taking advantage of natural light is one of the most powerful ways to create a joyful and comfortable atmosphere in your home. What better way to enjoy your windows than to invest in custom-built window seats that not only add character to your home but also give you the perfect space for relaxation and reflection? Types of Window Seats

Tips for Eye-Catching Built-In Furniture

Built-in furniture has a way of totally transforming a home’s atmosphere. It’s sophisticated, attractive, and impressive, which makes built-in pieces the perfect investment for the new design of your favorite room. Of course, one of the most exciting parts about built-in furniture is that it can be constructed in any way imaginable. Talk to your contractor and see if any of these ideas could work in your home.

Crown Molding Uses You’ve Never Considered

If there’s one construction technique that can transform the look and feel of your home without excessive costs and construction effort, it’s crown molding. Whether you want a room to feel shorter, taller, or more sophisticated, crown molding has got you covered. What is Crown Molding? In general, crown molding is an architectural feature that highlights the transition between walls and ceilings. It’s decorative by nature, so it can add character to any room. Crown molding comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, so it’s up to you and your contractor to determine which will mesh best

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Four Small Kitchen Changes that Make a Big Difference

Completely renovating your kitchen isn’t exactly a cheap task, nor is it a quick one. Fortunately, there are many smaller changes you can make to your kitchen to improve your space on a reasonable budget and timeline. Experts recommend tackling 20 features of the room to maximize results without causing frustration and stress. Add An Architectural Touch If you’ve never given thought to the details of your kitchen, now is the time! Trim, baseboards, crown molding, and door and window casings can truly transform your space to look more sophisticated and impressive. You can hire a contractor to complete these

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What Details Make a $5 Million Home Worth the Price Tag?

Beautiful, stunning houses come in all shapes and sizes. From the modest farmhouse to the trendy New York City apartment, homes and any value have the potential to be jaw-dropping. But what exactly is it about a house valued at $5 million that is so appealing? It’s not just the ocean views and outdoor kitchen equipped with top of the line appliances; it’s also the small touches and custom craftsmanship that set such an expensive home apart. The Staircase That Wows You It’s not likely that you will swing open the front door of a $5 million home and collide

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Three Must-Haves in Your Dream Home

We all have a dream home in mind, although the qualities and characteristics of that home will vary drastically depending on who you ask. For some, a dream home is a large plantation home with four wide decks overlooking a river, while for others it’s a rustic cabin high on a mountain. But nobody wants a dream house that’s falling apart, tainted with mold, or built with cheap materials. These three ideas can make a huge difference in the ultimate quality and appearance of your home. Mud Room

Three Stunning Custom-Built Project Ideas

You are a unique person with an unmatched personality, but does your home reflect that? It seems like homebuilders today are more concerned with their own profit margins than the true quality of the homes they build, leading to nearly identical homes squished together like sardines. You deserve to have a spark of originality in your home, which is why one of these custom-built project ideas would make the perfect addition to your kitchen, basement, garage, or office. Wine Shelf

Three Creative Uses for Baseboards

Do you look down at your floor much? If you’re the one tasked with keeping the surfaces of your home clean, than you probably look down when you walk more often than not. The condition and style of your baseboards, the panels that connect the bottom of walls to the floor, can make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your home and flooring. Rather than standard white baseboards that could belong to any home, consider these awesome baseboard ideas to add some creativity to your home design! Change the Color

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